Why hire a professional photographer for your event?

Aside from the fact that hiring a photographer means you don’t need to worry about capturing photos of your event, there are several other benefits. Professional photographers have an artistic vision that enables them to craft memorable images (rather than simply snapping photos), and their equipment will often be better than anything you can provide on your own. Additionally, professional photos can serve as excellent marketing material for an event venue or event planning business.


1. Nothing beats professional quality.

Flawless photos captured on professional equipment are always better than those taken with a smartphone camera. If the images are for the event website, or your planning business website, you’ll obtain exceptional pictures that showcase the best moments—and your elite skills. If the event is a wedding, the happy couple will have high-resolution, stunning photos to remember the day forever. 

2. Professional photographers know what to look for during events.

Once you provide an overview of the goal and spirit of your event, a professional photographer will understand which moments are the most important for them to capture. Provide a list of VIPs, from the Keynote to the award recipients, and rest assured you’ll secure the perfect shots. 

3. Event photographers backup their work.

No need to worry about lost cameras or accidental deletion; professional event photographers understand their reputation depends on backing up their work regularly. Today, most use cloud servers so you’ll have a copy no matter what happens to the equipment.  

4. Professional event photographers blend in seamlessly.

This is especially important if you prefer natural, candid shots. Professional photographers stealthily walk around the event capturing unique photo ops while everyone has a good time.

5. Event photographers elevate sharing.

If you make an event in a Facebook group, you’ll have awesome photos to upload when the event is over. This helps drum up interest for next year’s event.

More FAQs

I realise that soon after your event you may want to post follow ups on social media or in the press. I’ll ensure that the images from your event are edited, processed and sent back to you in a timely manner. If you need a handful of key images for sharing immediately after the event I can deliver these to you as priority when agreed in advance.

Images will be delivered to you via a secure online gallery. From here you’ll be able to download images directly. If we’ve agreed I’ll send you key images immediately after your event I may send these to you directly via email or WeTransfer.

All images will be adjusted for white balance, exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness etc. I won’t retouch or digitally manipulate images as standard but if this is something you need I can offer it at an additional cost.

Event photography is subject to a non-refundable deposit to secure booking with the balance payable 14 days prior to the event date.

Of course! I always shoot with a backup camera body close to hand and my equipment setup has been designed with redundancy in mind so in the event of failure I’m able to continue working and providing you with great images.

If the event ends up going over the time we agreed I’ll do my best to stay available for as long as you need me. Any additional time will be charged at my standard hourly rate.

I don’t charge expenses for shoots within a 30 mile round trip. Outside that radius I charge travel expenses at 45p per mile. If there are additional expenses (train or hotel for example) these will be chargeable but I’ll agree these with you in advance.

When I provide the images to you I’ll grant your company licence to use the images for marketing, PR and editorial use for as long as you need for no additional cost. If any other companies wish to use the images for their own publicity or marketing purposes I’ll charge them a reproduction fee. I’ll retain the copyright to all images and retain the right to use them for my own promotional purposes.

I believe in acting in a professional manner at all times and appreciate that you’re likely to have your hands full organising your event. Therefore I’ll always aim to arrive for your event in a timely manner and in advance of your event starting (unless we’ve agreed otherwise).

If your event is cancelled or postponed then I will make every reasonable effort to be available for your new date. If available, your booking will be moved to the new date however if I can’t accommodate your new date then the booking will be cancelled and the deposit retained.

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  • We provide great looking corporate headshots/executive portraits done at your office location, corporate event or our conveniently located studio.  Whether you need a single corporate headshot of a CEO or hundreds of employees for company our experience  is unsurpassed.
 We also offer the option of a make-up artist and hair stylist upon request.
  • Headshots and publicity shots for actors and performers

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    Photography for Corporate lifestyle photography is about capturing spontaneous moments in time in your business. Whether it is photographing a corporate board meeting, workers doing their job in a factory or office settings, corporate lifestyle photography is a powerful tool for publicity, marketing, advertising and website photography applications.
  • brochures, websites, social media and other marketing materials
  • Photography for company newsletters or annual reports
  • Industrial Photography
  • Interiors and Architectural

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